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American Ghost Dance lyrics


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     American Ghost Dance
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        Oh give me a home
    Where the buffalo roam
    And the death of a race is a game
    Where seldom is heard
    A peacable word
    From the white trash
    Who killed as they came
    Though these words dig deep
    They offer no relief
    God save the queen
    I am an indian chief
    There is a secret I keep
    It's called the talking leaf
    And you better believe
    That he speaks his beliefs
    Like a rock that bleeds
    A sea of grief
    My talking leaf speaks of
    A wounded knee creek
    American ghost dance...
    A new man who is with old ways
    He walks the streets of life
    But he's in chains
    I'm alive he cried
    I can feel the flame
    Burning red inside
    I am an indian brave
    There is a memory
    That lives in my blood
    Of the brand you laid
    On all you touched
    But the burning flame
    Turns to burning pain
    Genuine genocide
    And that's truly insane
    So like a wild hurricane
    I will dance on the grave
    Of my race that died
    When it should have been saved
    American ghost dance...
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